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New Song Updates :

2010-06-19 12:00:35 by Chomposaur

Posted eight songs in the last four days from an oldschool rpg game i've been messing with for awhile now. They are :

Lost a Tree
Wait Your Turn
Enjoy Your Purchase
Basement One
Nonconsiquential Energy
Buy Something, Dammit
Big Boss

Might Post some more new songs unrelated to the game this week as well, but no promises.

Some new songs.

2010-06-16 19:06:18 by Chomposaur

Had a bunch of songs to post, then I found out you can only upload 2 a day. Oh well, their from a game i'm working on, most are unfinished, but i'll go ahead and post them anyway, since its been so long since I haven't added anything.

Loop Series Follow Up

2010-02-27 00:40:55 by Chomposaur

Loop Series is finished, the songs are :

Daunting Laurels
Two Left Hands
Tiny Conundrum
Jet Line Tradio
Forked Sponge
Extreme Relaxation
Red Stop and Go

If you wanna use these songs for a game or flash, or want to remix, edit, or extend them anyway, just PM me, and i'll send you the original FL Studio 8 files.

Also Loop Series 2 is on the way.


Loop Series

2010-02-12 20:26:45 by Chomposaur

If your wondering what the loop series is, it just an assortment of odds and ends that are just gonna be release on here, little tracks that would work good for flashes and games. Hopefully someone can give them a better home, like a bunch of lost kittens


2009-12-14 00:03:37 by Chomposaur

Working on music. some songs to be posted on here, or check out the chomposaur myspace. also plans to do some music videos in flash for a couple of the songs, which will also be posted on here. Any help would be very appreciated